Crescent City Florida
or $1100 per month lease

Saloon/Tavern Approx.Operating Expenses
Outdoor Sec.Lighting
Natural Gas
Tavern License
FL State Sales Tax

Beer & Wine
Cleaning Supplies
$5 hour plus tips

Sec.Alarm System
$60 per mnth
For doors/windows

2 COP License Requirements, Rates and Application links The 1COP license allows establishments to sell beer for consumption on premises by the drink or in sealed containers for packaged sales. A 2COP license enables establishments to sell both beer and wine for consumption on premises or in sealed containers for packaged sales. Both licenses are restricted to products with no more than 6.243 percent alcohol and are applicable in dry counties.

Other Helpful PDF Files you should Print and Read to Learn More About Florida Liquor Licenses

Types of Florida Liquor Licenses
Liquor License Fee Chart
Getting an Alcoholic Beverage License

For the "Food Hygiene - Bar/Lounge Sanitation Certificate"
($250.00 per year currently)
Contact: Putnam County Health Department (Environmental Health)
386-326-7189 and ask to speak to Diane - the receptionist currently there now
-she will be able to answer any questions on what the Tenant/Buyer needs to do upon moving in and establishing a business.

Florida Liquor Sales Tax Rates

Restaurant Equipment to look for on Craigslist, Offerup, FB Marketplace

Behind Bar Bottle Cooler $1200:
Various Bottle Coolers $800:
New 2-3 Keg Beer Tappers $1100:
Start off using Insulated Plastic Tubs of Ice or large coolers behind the bar to keep your beer cold. Metal Tubs tend to sweat and get the floor all wet.

You will need:
Refrigeration for beer/wine storage

Get Ice Machines or buy your ice wholesale and store it in your freezers

Buy Used Bar Stools
Make tables from Cable Spools, Wine Barrels or Reclaimed Wood



Used Bar Stools
Can be found on craigslist but are hard to find as many as you need so I recommend Angelas Restaurant Supply for them. You will need at least 8 bar tables, 1 picnic table and seating for 44 in the form of bar stools or chairs. You can also get a better deal if you buy all your used equipment there too in one place.
Make a list of everything you need and show it to the Salesperson at Angelas.
Be prepared to spend a few hours there choosing what you can afford and they can tally it all up and then give you a discount on the whole thing. https://daytona.craigslist.org/search/sss?query=bar+stools&sort=rel

Get a Sams Club Wholesale account and buy all your snacks there in bulk for resale or order everything online in bulk from dollartree.com

Wholesale Beer Distributors

Daytona Beverages, Bud, Anheuser-Busch Inc.
2275 Mason Ave., Daytona, FL

Restaurant Supply - New & Used

Angelas Restaurant Supplies - New & Used
Daytona - (386) 255-4591 � St. Augustine - (904) 819-0363

Daytona Beach
711 W International Speedway Blvd
Daytona Beach, FL 32114

185 San Marco Ave
8 St Augustine, FL 32084

Pool Tables

Professional Billiard Table Moving, Assembly, Re-felting, Restoration, Re-cushion, Installation, Setup, Removal, Repair, Disassemble and Crated for Shipping Amusement and Vending Service Palatka, Florida 32177
386-308-6131 or 1-800-887-2630

Video Games / Juke Boxes

Number One Vending Service Inc
8955 Beach Blvd, Jackonville, FL

Atlas Music & Games
1736 Landon Ave., Jacksonville, FL 32207
(904) 858-9332

Suggested Steps to Opening your Successful New Tavern Business

1. Create a Sole Proprietorship or LLC/Corp. if you have partners You can easily do this online at https://sunbiz.org and get an instant printed copy and have your certified copy sent to you as fast as you need it.

2. Take your new DBA certificate and open a personal and business bank account locally so you will have a place to easily deposit all that money you are going to make.

TD Bank Business Checking
350 N Summit Street
Crescent City, FL 32112
It says on their website that your business checking is free if you get a business loan with them
TD Bank Website $10 a month or low $1,500 minimum balance requirement
Business Checking
Ameris Bank for Commercial Loans
If you plan to buy the real estate than borrow against it you will need a Commercial Loan because it is a business property
601 Reid St., Palatka, FL (386) 328-5154
100 N State Road 19, Palatka, FL (386) 325-3770
Ameris Bank (20 miles north of the bar)

3. Apply for your 2COP license with your new DBA Florida Tavern License

4. Apply to pay your Florida State Sales Tax - you can do this online or hire a local accountant to do everything for you.
Florida's general sales tax of 6.00% also applies to the purchase of liquor. In Florida, liquor vendors are responsible for paying a state excise tax of $6.50 per gallon, plus Federal excise taxes, for all liquor sold. Florida Alcohol Sales Tax Handbook

5. Sign Up for a Paypal Business Account in your new business name and get their Mobile Card Reader that plugs into your cellphone or tablet so you can take credit cards. Connect your new business checking account to your new business paypal account to easily sweep funds into your business checking account as often as you like for free. Mobile & in-store payments 2.7% per Swipe. There is No Monthly fee. Accept Amex 3.5% per transaction.

6. While waiting for your paperwork do your decorating of the building, order printed signs and banners from Staples in Palatka - (386) 325-1831 and buy your Equipment (list above). Vistaprint.com is great for do-it-yourself business cards and flyers. Lowes & Home Depot are located 20 miles north in Palatka. Ace Hardware is in downtown Crescent City 2 miles south. While you are there you will probably be approached by a few wannabe employees and find yourself becoming friends with many of the locals to help with things like lawnmowing. Be sure to stop into 3 Bananas for great food on the Lakefront in downtown Crescent City and get to know the owners. Other business owners are great for spreading the word.

7. Attract business by advertising a Grand Opening date in the local papers like the Penneysaver for Putnam County and on your new website and social media. Here are a list of free places to advertise and post your Free Website on for Free Advertising Post Daily and Weekly Specials on your website and Facebook. Pool Tournaments, Live Entertainment, Karaoke, Darts, Poker Runs, Benefits.

8. Join the local Eagles, Moose and/or Shriners to spread the good news about your new business and invite people you meet over to visit. Club members are allowed to post flyers on their bulletin boards. The Moose has a dump station for members RV's and RV hookups for members for less than $100 a month providing water and electric. Once you become a Moose member you can hookup your RV wherever Moose Clubs have facilities available all over the USA.
On your days off be sure to visit the local fishing camps and marinas along Crescent Lake, Georgetown on Lake George and Welaka on the St.Johns River. Be sure to post flyers about your business wherever you go and get to know the business owners. Stop by each place to refresh your flyers regularly. Offer to put their website link on your own website, ask to friend them on facebook and offer to ad their flyers on your own bar bulletin board about their business. This area does not seem to have a centralized location for posting flyers and business cards so if you create one - word will get around that it is a good place to visit. The same thing can be done online on linkedin and by exchanging links with local area businesses.
Be a good reciprocal back scratcher, elbow rubber, glad hander, meet and greeter and you will do well wherever life takes you.





9. Be creative to bring attention to your bar and make it Unique. Here are some easy ideas from bars I have seen.
Put a bass boat out front with a manakin in a bikini waving
Put a motorcycle out front with a manakin in a bikini waving
Put a bass boat with a motorcycle in it with a manakin in a bikini waving
Put a manakin with tattoo artwork on it out front on a motorcycle with a flag waving
Put posters on the wall of Girls in bikinis in Bass Boats
Put cardboard cutouts of Beer girls
Business card drawing - have patrons put their card into a fish bowl and once every couple of hours do a drawing for a free beer
Keep a bell by the bar for barmaid to ring when she gets a good tip
Let patrons draw, paint, color, write on the walls, hang bras from the ceiling, hang hats from the ceiling, tack business cards on the walls, spray paint graffiti on the walls, take polaroids and tack them on the walls or on a bulletin board. Create a community bulletin board inside or on the wall out front.
Google Bar Promotions - lots of great ideas on there
Ladies night, Salsa Night, Country Night, Rock Night, $1 Drafts, Bucket O'Beer, Free salty / spicey snacks, contests to win dinner for 2, trivia competition, amateur music night, karaoke contests, Video Game Tournament, dance competitions, pool tournaments, dart tournaments, etc.,.
Setup your social media to post specials Daily on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest
hermit crabs, turtles, frog jumping, have their shells painted each teams� colors and a little arena set up for them to race in
Hoola Hoop contest
Biker Fashion Show, Best Tattoo Fashion Show, Biggest Beer Belly, Wet TShirt
Dog-Friendly Bar for outside patio area
Have any new ideas you would like to share to put here - fill out the contact form or call me.

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